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African / Carribean Days and Nights


Come and ‘Free your Mind’ and ‘Feel the Rhythm!’

Your company can now experience and enjoy an exciting teambuilding activity that will challenge your colleagues – individually; with the practice of ‘freeing the mind’ and mastering the techniques required to play the West African Djembe drum – and collectively; practicing and performing accompaniment rhythm, introduction and variation patterns.

All facilitators are Gambian and British and are trained in The Gambia, West Africa by Guinean SuSu Griots. The style of focussed and active drum meditation is a powerful and effective way of developing tempo and technique in the body. This, coupled with Joyous encouragement from the facilitators helps to produce exhilarating percussion music with the participant expressing themselves non verbally and in unity, on the drum.

The Djembe will always be supported in the percussion arrangement by the Djun Djun bass drum and musician who also provides tempo with the clave patterns of the bell.

The Half Day RhythmWorkshop will last for 3 hours with a short break for refreshments after the first session in Technique.

The Full Day RhythmWorkshop will last for 5 Hours with a break for Lunch after the first session in Technique.

If you enjoyed the days RhythmWorkshop, you might want to book us for your evening party……..


Drum Jam and Rhythm experience

In West Africa the beating of the drum is always accompanied by movement and the dancing of those that hear the rhythm, and so it is and can be for you at our Drum Jam and Rhythm Experience!

Allow us to guide you and your colleagues with Rhythm and Tempo in our exciting interactive Drum Jam and enjoy moving your body to the rhythm of the drum. We guarantee, we will move you off your seats and onto the dance floor with the beat of our drums!

You will enjoy wonderful polyrhythmic percussion patterns with the Djembe drums working with ‘call and answer’ arrangements and solo patterns.

The percussion ensemble can be accompanied with dancers who will inspire and encourage you and your colleagues to be free and dance.

Call us now for more information or to make a booking on 01225 290288 or fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you.